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SOTV 2021 Pledge  

Please fill out the form by 11/22.

請在11  22 日之前填寫問卷


English 2021 Pledge




Members may also print out the pledge card, fill it out and mail back to church.

會員也可以列印出認獻卡,填寫並在11  22 日之前郵寄回教堂。


Thank you. 謝謝。

2021 Pledge Card
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Dear Members and Friends, 親愛的會友們, 平安!


It’s a surprise that we have so quickly come to this time of the year given the dramatic upheaval of a world-wide epidemic that hit early in 2020. California Governor Gavin Newsom issued the Safer-at-Home order on March 19, just four days after our church Session voted to discontinue on-site worship for a time. By Sunday March 22, all of our worship services had some form of online presence, and we have not looked back. We did not rush to anxiety or worry or angst. We exercised determination to do our part to move forward despite the uncertainty of what lay ahead. 因著2020年初一場全球性的流行病所帶來的劇變,我們很快又來到了認獻的時刻。就在加州州長蓋文· 紐森於319日發佈「居家更安全」的命令四天後,我們的小會也投票決議暫時停止現場的禮拜。從322日星期天起,我們所有的禮拜和活動就在線上舉行,直到現在。我們並不著急或擔心,儘管前景尚未明朗,我們仍信心堅定,努力做好工作,向前邁進。


As we embark on the Season of Gratitude this month, we have had to forego many of our most-cherished celebrations: the combined Easter Sunday worship service, the International Festival, the Thanksgiving Concert and our beloved fellowship time together. But we have filled our homes with live video images of each other, we have sung hymns from our dining room tables and prayed together our prayers of confession from our computer screens. Our ongoing vibrant worship, in very different formats, is a sure sign that we all know that, come what may, God’s got this. I have been reminded often these past eight months how much the Jerusalemites exiled in Babylon lamented the loss of their Temple, the primary means of practicing their faith in Yahweh; how were they to be God’s people without the storied Temple in Jerusalem? But they did find a new way; turning to their ancient scripture, diving deep and finding fresh meaning, they emerged a poetic and prophetic people who fashioned so much of the Hebrew canon that uplifts us today. And we too, all of us at Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church, are finding our way through, doing our part to live into God’s plan for our future. 進入11月的感恩季節之際,回想今年我們放棄了多少珍視的慶祝活動:像復活節、國際文化日、感恩節音樂會、和我們最愛的咖啡交誼時間。但取而代之的是,我們在家收看彼此的實況視頻,我們在餐桌前唱讚美的詩歌,在螢幕前一起禱告懺悔。儘管形式很不一樣,我們所進行的崇拜仍充滿活力,使我們確信蒙了上帝的悅納。過去八個月一直讓我想到,被擄到巴比倫的耶路撒冷人曾多麼哀歎他們失去了聖殿,那是他們敬拜耶和華的主要場所;沒有了傳說的耶路撒冷聖殿,他們還算上帝的子民嗎?但他們真的找到了新方法。他們回頭去看古老經文,深入研討以找尋新的意義,他們興起了一群詩人和先知,撰寫了許多希伯來文聖典,到今天仍激勵著我們。在牧谷長老教會的所有人也是一樣,我們都在找尋出路,想盡一己之力活出上帝對我們的計畫。 


God has been faithful beyond imagining these past months: we have published our financial status twice a month, and we see that we have been largely holding our own through our giving without needing to resort to loans or cutting staff. Thank you for your generosity and for your willingness to find a way to continue worshiping, meeting in committees, and giving to our church despite the obstacles: learning Zoom and YouTube, sending your pledges online, mailing them to the church where our counting team stewarded them through to the bank, reaching out for an in-person, no-touch pickup. Staying in touch with one another through email and telephone. We have all made it work. 在過去的幾個月,上帝真是超乎我們想像的信實:透過每兩個月公佈一次財務狀況,我們看到教會大致得以會友的奉獻來維持所有開銷,不需要尋求貸款或裁員。謝謝你們慷慨的奉獻,也謝謝你們願意以新的方法繼續參與敬拜、開會、並奉獻給教會。儘管要克服一些障礙,像學習ZoomYouTube的使用、透過網路銀行匯款、或郵寄支票到教會。而我們的司獻團隊也很盡責管理,從親自到府、無接觸的收件、到銀行存款,並透過電子郵件和電話與每個人保持聯絡。是我們大家一起合力完成了這項工作。 


We know now that we will have to endure probably another year of our Safer-at-Home worship, meeting, and giving, and continue to find new ways to be the church in this unusual time.  Just now, the Mission-Outreach team is in touch with St John Vianney Church to see how we might continue our support of their Winter services for homeless people. Stay tuned, because this is God’s church after all. We are called to steward our gifts in this particular time and place, while God labors to bring about healing and revival in the midst of a deadly plague. It is our job to do our part, to wear a mask, to socially distance, and to be the church of Jesus Christ. 我們知道還必須再忍受一段時間的居家令」,在家敬拜、會議、奉獻、繼續找尋教會的新方法,來度過這段非常時期。就在剛才,宣教小組正在與St. John Vianney教會聯繫,看我們如何繼續支持他們的街友冬季服務。敬請期待,畢竟這是上帝的教會。我們被召就是要在此關鍵的時間地點,管理上帝給我們的禮物,上帝則在致命的瘟疫中施行祂的醫治和復興。我們的目標就是做好我們的工作,戴口罩、保持安全距離、成為一個耶穌基督的教會。 


You will soon receive your 2021 Stewardship Pledge Cards, and please consider how much we all have to be grateful for when you fill them out.  We ask you to return them by November 22, even if you are unable to make a financial commitment at this time. Then, we will meet together by Zoom on Sunday November 29 at 4 PM for our Congregational Meeting to elect 2021 officers and to get a preview of the 2021 budget. 為此,隨信附上2021年認獻卡,請您考慮寫下一個充滿感謝的金額。 希望您可以在 11  22 日之前回覆此卡,即使您還無法做出任何承諾。然後我們將在 11  29 (星期日)下午 4 點通過 Zoom 視頻,舉行會員大會,選出 2021 年各部門的同工,並審閱 2021 年的預算。 


Together, we can continue to be Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church. We don’t know yet what that looks like in the new year. We hardly know what it looks like now!  But, undeniably, we see glimpses of opportunity, of God charting our new path forward. 讓我們一起延續牧谷長老教會。我們不知道新的一年會是什麼樣子,連現在是什麼樣子都很難知道! 但是,不可否認的,我們看到一絲機會,上帝正在繪製我們前面的新道路。 


How comforting to know that the ultimate goodness that lies at the center of all reality has our backs.  Praise God! 多麼令人欣慰阿! 那存在萬有中心的至高者,做我們的後盾。 讚美主! 



SOTV Stewardship Committee, 牧谷教會總務委員會  敬啟


Heimin Yen, Freya Schmus, Tina Chen, Angela Pai, Amy Cheng, Jeff Crandell, Hsing-Hung Chen, David Weber, Peter Cheng, Rev Yank Lee, Rev Fischer Peng, Rev Deidra Goulding



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