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SOTV 2023 Pledge  

Please fill out the form by 11/13/2022.

請在11  13 日之前填寫問卷


SOTV 2023 Pledge


Members may also print out the pledge card, fill it out and mail back to church.

會員也可以列印出認獻卡,填寫並在11  13 日之前郵寄回教堂。


Thank you. 謝謝。

2023 Pledge Card
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November 6, 2022


Dear Shepherd of the Valley Community,

We are blessed to live in a time when humanity has the knowledge to lead us quickly out of a once-in-100-years pandemic. The coronavirus has been tamed by the God-given talents of our medical research community! Here at Shepherd of the Valley, we had few infections among us; we all took care to keep our church family and our communities healthy.  And now, it seems we are returning to normal, a new normal to be sure, no doubt with opportunities to pivot occasionally back to COVID-19 protocols; it is a time to rejoice!

In late 2021, we rebooted the preschool by putting in place a preschool management company. And, although we have not seen 2022 enrollment rise to its former levels, we are confident we have good oversight in place.

This year, we refined our worship technology which made it possible for so many friends and family to be part of our worship services online, and more importantly, memorial services as well. What an advantage. Loved ones who often have trouble traveling are still able to witness this important life passage. This is a feature that we hope to carry into the future.

            And, we also produced a stripped-down version of our traditional Thanksgiving concert. It was well-attended, mostly by our own, and filled us with gratitude with how far we had come as a church intact. This year, we will offer two unique events: the Clay Music evangelism concert on December 3 and a Messiah Sing-Along on December 17.

And, as a sign of our congregational unity, this year we observed important Sundays together, the festivals of Easter, Pentecost, World Communion and soon, Christmas, to perform important work as one-church-many-people, like officer installation, baptisms and receiving new members.

            In 2023, we hope to restore to our faithful church practice our outreach to the community as we did before the pandemic, such as feeding the unhoused at St John Vianney, ministering to the residents at El Encanto, and the community celebration of the International Festival. We do not know what form this outreach will take, but we pray that we are ready and waiting to take the good news of God’s love out into the world again.

This is the way that Shepherd responds to our many blessings: with loving action to make the world better, where we can. As Christians, we strive to be generous with our care, improving the lives of people in our community. Perhaps more importantly, caring about others improves us. It changes our relationship with God by turning our attention and resources on things God cares about.

This is Stewardship season. You will find enclosed your 2023 giving pledge card. Your pledge is
the best way to let our congregational leadership know how much financial support for programs
and staff they will likely see next year. We hope that you will spend some time praying about it and then
turn in your pledge card, mail it back or submit it online at

by Sunday, November 13th, or no later than Sunday, November 20th. We thank you in advance for your
commitment to Shepherd and wish you many blessings!

Please --contact any member of our Stewardship Committee to help answer questions. We thank you in advance for your commitment to Shepherd and wish you many blessings!


SOTV Stewardship Committee,


Hsing-Hung Chen, Amy Cheng, Jeff Crandell (chair), Rev. Deidra Goulding, Charlie Huang, Rev. Yank Lee, Angela Pai, Rev. Fischer Peng, Freya Schmus, David Weber, Marcia Wilcut, Harry Wilson, Cliff Yang, Heimin Yen


NOTE: Congregational Meeting to elect new officers and preview the 2023 budget – November 27, 2022. Please plan to attend to ensure we have a quorum. 




感謝主,帶領我們走出100 年來最嚴重的疫情時期。冠狀病毒已經被醫學界馴服!在牧谷大家庭中,只有少數人被感染;我們採取了健康所需的各種防備措施。現在,我們逐漸恢復正常聚會,可以肯定的是,冠狀病毒雖然偶爾會有限的出現,但已經成為一種新常態,這是值得我們欣慰的!


2021 年,我們改進了網上聚會的技術,讓朋友和家人,不僅可以實體參加主日禮拜或追思禮拜,而且對於住在遠處或有困難來教會的人,提供在網上參與聚會的機會,共同見證我們人生信仰的歷程,這是向前跨了一大步。


2022 年,我們希望恢復正常的聚會和服事,如同在疫情流行之前,對社區展開宣教和外展的活動:在 St John Vianney 為無家可歸的人提供食物;在 El Encanto 療養院為居民服務;國際文化節舉行社區慶祝活動等。我們不確定這些外展活動將採取何種形式,但是我們為此祈禱,並且準備好,等待再次將上帝的愛和好消息帶到社區中。


這是財務管理的季節。您會發現隨附的 2023 年捐贈承諾卡。您的承諾讓負責財政的人知道明年可能會有多少財政的支持。我們希望您花一些時間為此禱告,然後在 11 20 日(星期日)之前交出或寄回你的承若卡或上網





Hsing-Hung ChenAmy ChengJeff Crandell(主席)Rev. Deidra GouldingCharlie HuangRev. Yank LeeAngela PaiRev. Fischer PengFreya SchmusDavid WeberMarcia WilcutHarry WilsonHeimin Yen


注意:選舉新職員和預覽 2023 年預算的會員大會 2022 11 27 





感谢主,带领我们走出100 年来最严重的疫情时期。冠状病毒已经被医学界驯服!在牧谷大家庭中,只有少数人被感染;我们采取了健康所需的各种防备措施。现在,我们逐渐恢复正常聚会,可以肯定的是,冠状病毒虽然偶尔会有限的出现,但已经成为一种新常态,这是值得我们欣慰的!


2021 年,我们改进了网上聚会的技术,让朋友和家人,不仅可以实体参加主日礼拜或追思礼拜,而且对于住在远处或有困难来教会的人,提供在网上参与聚会的机会,共同见证我们人生信仰的历程,这是向前跨了一大步。



2022 年,我们希望恢复正常的聚会和服事,如同在疫情流行之前,对社区展开宣教和外展的活动:在 St John Vianney 为无家可归的人提供食物;在 El Encanto 疗养院为居民服务;国际文化节举行社区庆祝活动等。 我们不确定这些外展活动将采取何种形式,但是我们为此祈祷,并且准备好,等待再次将上帝的爱和好消息带到社区中。


这是财务管理的季节。您会发现随附的 2023 年捐赠承诺卡。您的承诺让负责财政的人知道明年可能会有多少财政的支持。我们希望您花一些时间为此祷告,然后在 11 20 日(星期日)之前交出或寄回你的承若卡 或上網





Hsing-Hung ChenAmy ChengJeff Crandell(主席)Rev. Deidra GouldingCharlie HuangRev. Yank LeeAngela PaiRev. Fischer PengFreya SchmusDavid WeberMarcia WilcutHarry WilsonHeimin Yen


注意:选举新职员和预览 2023 年预算的会员大会 – 2022 11 27 

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