Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church 牧谷基督長老教會
Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church 牧谷基督長老教會

Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church                             歡迎來到  《哈崗牧谷基督長老教會》

In light of the concerns around COVID-19, and in response to our public health officials’ guidelines, the session of SOTV has made the difficult decision to suspend our church activities until further notice.



1.    Committees will meet via telephony. If you are a member of a committee, please expect to hear from your committee chairperson on how and when to meet, most likely a conference call.



  1. Committee chairs, please remember to send your meeting minutes to clerk-of-session David Weber,



2.    If you had planned to contribute to the church in these upcoming weeks, 如果你要奉獻給教會


·         please consider mailing a check, payable to SOTV, to the church address below: 請考慮使用郵寄支票,教會地址如下:


      1723 Parklawn Road

      Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

      Attn: Heimin Yen


Alternatively, you can send checks through your bank’s bill pay        functionality.


  • Or, donate by Zelle,


·         You can also donate online using the PayPal link on the church website,


你也可以借著 PayPal直接轉帳奉獻

                點選 SUPPORT US 就會看到奉獻(donate)的選項


       Click the SUPPORT US button, and the PayPal DONATE link will display. Note that there is a service fee similar to a credit card.  (If you have difficulties, please call (818) 404-7084)


3.  All three worship services now offer a Sunday worship opportunity via social media.請密切注意教會提供在家主日禮拜訊息,永遠記得上帝與你同在。


        Please call your pastors or send email if you have questions or comments. 


     English - Pastor Deidra, (818) 404-7084,

   Sunday, 9:30 AM Worship Service via Zoom


     Meeting ID: 950 4328 7788

     Password: 025988


Mandarin - Pastor Fischer (206) 910-1204,

Taiwanese - Pastor Yank  (626) 215-4720,


We miss seeing you and worshiping together, but we also lean on the promises of God, that the Holy One has many good things for us soon.

God bless.





Mission Statement 使命宣言

Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church, by the grace of God, is a joyful, loving and international congregation where people of all cultures are welcome and accepted and whose Mission is to:Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church  English, Taiwanese, Mandarin Service 哈崗牧谷長老教會中文台語
Love God
through worship and prayer哈崗 羅蘭崗 洛台灣教 杉磯  San Gabriel Valley Los Angeles Hacienda Rowland Heights
Follow Christ
our personal Savior through study of His life,  teachings, and obedience to His world


Seek the Holy Spirit
to be renewed and empowered to do God’s work on earth 教會 哈崗 羅蘭崗 洛杉磯  San Gabriel Valley Los Angeles Hacienda Rowland Heights  
Love Others
through service in church and community, supporting, teaching, encouraging and challenging others to find their God given gifts and their ministry.


Bring People & Missions Together












We are a multi-cultural congregation 我們是一個多元文化的會堂

We have three Sunday worship services, beginning at 8:00 a.m. in Mandarin. The 9:30 a.m. service is in English, and is attended by people from the many different cultures that are represented in our community, expressing the diversity of the Body of Christ. Our 11:00 a.m. service is in Taiwanese, serving that large community in Hacienda Heights and the surrounding area. 


Additionally, Hosanna Korean Presbyterian Church meets in our sanctuary at 1:00 p.m.

我們有三個主日崇拜服務,從華語堂上午8:00開始。 上午9:30是英語,來自在我們社區所代表的許多不同文化的人們,表達基督的多樣性。 我們上午11:00台語,服務住在於 Hacienda Heights 及周邊地區的台灣人。

此外,Hosanna 韓國長老教會於下午1:00在我們的教堂禮拜。

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What is special about Shepherd of the Valley?                                            牧谷基督長老教會有什麼特別

  • Prayer.
  • Sacrament and Scripture.
  • Mission programs.
  • Friendliness.
  • 禱告。
  • 聖禮和聖經。
  • 宣教及外展事工
  • 友善。
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 Sunday Worship          主日禮拜

Mandarin Service       9:30 am


English Service          9:30 am


Taiwanese Service     11:00 am


Korean Service          1:00 pm


Youth Group              11:00 am


Children’s Sunday School is provided during each service.


Contact Us 聯絡我們

Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church




1723 Park Lawn Rd.

Hacienda Heights, CA 91745




(626) 965-7056 




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All the news and events from our church.

Please contact us for special events.



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